Maybe You Are Interested in Property But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Perhaps You Want To Shadow A Few Projects Before Going it Alone?

Possibly Worried That It Will Take Ages To Get A Return On Your Investment?

Paul and Jo work with intelligent investors who want to make their money work for them rather than them working for it.  They understand that investors want peace of mind that their investment is safe.

A personal loan investment with Innovante Property is a fixed loan with a fixed rate of interest for an agreed fixed term.  Investors usually chose a solicitor that they have worked with before to draw the contracts up or one that Paul & Jo can recommend so the investor can be certain at the start when & how they will be getting their money back.  The interest rates agreed are believed to be a higher return than the average bank.  Savings account seem to offer around 0.25-2% – a loan to Innovante would usually see you getting a much more exciting return!

How Innovante Make Property Investing Easy …
  • a proven track record of investing in property
  • a proven track record of business success
  • a legally binding contract drawn up by your solicitor
  • commitment and dedication

All the leg work is done by the Innovante Property team – Paul, Jo, their mentors and their established team of professional trades.  You can sit back and relax with as much or as little communication about the ongoing project as you would like.